6 reasons why you must become GERMI’s Authorized Solar Training Centre (ATC)

GERMI trains the trainers whereas the Technicians are trained under the National Certification Programme for Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Installer are directly trained through Authorized Training Centres (ATC).

Technicians under the National Certification Programme for Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Installer are only trained and certified through Authorized Training Centres (ATC) in order to ensure the overall quality of content, delivery and learning. It is through our ATCs that the vision and objectives of this overall Certification Programme can be achieved.


How to apply you ask?

We present a simplified process outline:

Step 1 : Institute will apply express its interest to GERMI by for becoming an Authorized Training Centre (ATC). (Please use the Expression of Interest Form and submit along with the necessary annexures.)

After preliminary verification, GERMI will provide an in-principle approval to this institute along with the necessary compliance requirements (including training manpower, laboratory, infrastructure, etc.).

Based on this in-principle approval, the institute will –

Step 2 : Get its trainers trained and certified by GERMI through a 2-week course (Please use the Registration Form for Training and submit along with the necessary annexures.)
Step 3 : Establish the necessary Training and Laboratory Infrastructure based on the detailed compliance requirements provided by GERMI.

Once Steps 2 & 3 are complete, GERMI (or Authorized Representative) will inspect the training institute. Upon successful inspection, GERMI will certify institute as Authorized Training Centre (ATC).


Step 4 : ATC will develop its own training calendar and will market the Certification Programme to student trainees.

Student trainees will apply directly to the ATC. (Please use the Trainee Admission Form along with the necessary annexures required in the form.)

Step 5 : The ATC will scrutinize the application forms and admit trainees based upon,
1. Meeting the minimum eligibility criteria, and
2. ATC’s own internal selection process, if any.
Step 6 : ATC will conduct the Certification Programmes based on the syllabus and content provider, and report the trainee’s grades to GERMI on a regular basis.

GERMI will conduct the final examination, and after evaluation of all the grades of the trainees, award the Installer Certification to the successful trainees.


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