#TechWindow – the final step: Jumpstarting Biogas in India – A GERMI Thought Paper

How can India harvest biogas? Find out everything that you would want to know about the current situation of biogas in India – right here!

Renewable Energy (RE) technologies have started to play a greater role in the energy mix of most nations across the world, especially led by the European Union (EU). India too has been promoting renewable energy aggressively and has one of the largest RE expansion programs in the world.

India has been promoting biogas technology for the past three decades but has been unsuccessful despite several favourable environmental and sociological conditions. The country is blessed with optimal ambient temperatures, a strong agricultural economy and a high cattle population.

This paper aims at answering the following pertinent questions,
1. “Why has biogas failed in India?” and
2. “What are the specific interventions required to kick-start the market?”

Read the Thought Paper here – 

Jumpstarting Biogas in India – GERMI’s Thought Paper


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