What are the Open Access charges in Gujarat? Part II

Here is second in the series of making Gujarat State the ‘Solar Success’ in India! In this post, we talk about Gujarat’s Open Access charges for 2018-19 and present a ready reckoner for the rainy days.

The power sector in India has undergone a plethora of reforms in the last decade. Introduction of competition has been one of the main aims of reform in the electricity sector in India. Open access is one such reform.

The Sheet, below, depicts the current year’s charges for transmission & wheeling applicable for Open access of the transmission network for various companies in Gujarat along with the cross-subsidy surcharge (CSS) and additional (AS).

These include Charges of UGCVL, PGVCL, MGVCL, DGVCL, Torrent power & MUPL. It contains Last year’s information about open access charges of Aspen Infra Ltd. & Kandla port as their petitions are yet to be validated by GERC. Under Section 62 of the Electricity Act, 2003 read in conjunction with the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (Multi-Year Tariff) Regulation, 2016, all these about mentioned DisComs file a petition each year which is subject to technical validation by GERC.

After the technicalities are validated, the commission proceeds with the tariff order. The commission asks for submission of a detailed application containing information about Revenue from the sale of power at previous year Tariff along with Revenue Gap or Revenue surplus if any. On the basis of which the commission proceeds with the charges.

Get it here: Open Access Charges Gujarat 2018-19


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