GERMI Renewable Training & Development Centre

Let’s introduce you to our training and development centre!

GERMI Training & Development Centre has developed a world-class training curriculum in terms of knowledge base, training structure and has equally good infrastructure facilities. GERMI has received recognition as a Centre of Excellence from Skill Council for Green Jobs, an initiative of the GoI. GERMI is currently amongst one of the best training imparters in the energy domain. GERMI has trained 1200+ individuals and has conducted 37 training programs. GERMI is one of the leading energy management organizations providing strategic solutions and catering to the needs of the industry and the community at large.

GERMI has been awarded the ‘Best Solar Training Centre’ across India by SCGJ, GoI in December 2017 at Intersolar.

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The above slideshow shows a plethora of training programmes conducted by GERMI for Photovoltaic Installers, Electrical Experts, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs etc. wherein participants performed hands-on exercises to understand concepts of installing a PV system, where participants played various games to understand and apply concepts of electricity, safety tools, electrical components etc.

A GERMI Participant is a Happy Participant!

Our upcoming training is the Software Training programme focusing on training solar enthusiasts on PV*SOL Software which equips the user to derive calculations for PV systems. This online tool lets the user input basic data like location, load profiles, solar power (photovoltaic, PV) module data, Inverter manufacturer etc. and produce:

  • Annual PV energy
  • Performance Ratio
  • Own power consumption
  • Solar Fraction
  • and much more…
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GERMI’s Software Training in April ’18 – Don’t miss it – Save the date now!

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