Part 1 #TechWindow Series: BIOGAS!

Would you want to know more about what is biogas, it’s regulations, the national policies, charges etc.? You’ve hit the right page! Here’s presenting – Part 1 of the #TechWindow Series. This time we discuss GERMI’s Thought Paper on “Jumpstarting #Biogas in India” to the bits!


Biogas: Pic 1 taking you through the supply chain of the Biogas Industry


The National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP) launched by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has catered to more than 4.9 million households since its initiation. The program provides a subsidy, turnkey job fee, financial support for maintenance of old and non-functional plants, training for users and entrepreneurs etc. In addition to this, MNRE has also launched the Biogas Power (Off-grid) Generation Programme (BGFP) for off-grid systems useful especially under the Remote Village Electrification Program. For plants larger than 1 MW size, the Programme on Energy from Urban, Industrial and Agricultural Waste provides a capital subsidy of about INR 20 million per MW for each project. These projects can be for captive use or be connected to the grid.

Despite many efforts put in by the government, favourable conditions and enough biomass resources, the biogas sector has not been able to progress as expected and it’s potential. Most of the household-sized plants, which are the predominant size, are not in working conditions. Not enough investment has been observed in large-scale biogas plants as well. The few working projects in India consist mostly of community-sized biogas plants.

On the other hand, the European countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden etc, have succeeded remarkably in this sector. Germany especially has witnessed a flourishing biogas sector.

You will find this and much more in GERMI’s Thought Paper.

The Paper will answer significant questions like – What are the factors responsible for the success in these countries? What are the barriers that India faces and are there any interventions that can help this sector thrive?

Stay Tuned for the Thought– provoking – Paper right here!


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