Best Practices for Implementation of State-level Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Programmes in India

This Manual is prepared for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India in order to assist in achieving the National Solar Mission’s rooftop solar photovoltaic installation target of 40,000 megawatts by 2022.

The rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) sector is one of the fastest growing clean energy segments across the globe due to its ability to provide reliable power for both rural and urban customers, scale up investments through entry of multiple investors, empower energy consumers and enhance their energy security while helping utilities address critical transmission and distribution losses.

The rooftop solar PV sector forms an important and critical part of Government of India’s 100 gigawatt target by 2022. Over the last two years there has been a tremendous thrust from the central as well as state governments to promote solar PV rooftop installations. These thrusts have been in the form of policies, regulations, guidelines and even promotional subsidies at various levels. However, it is often observed that initiatives have not been able to address some critical technology, process and market related constraints, which have plagued implementation and capacity addition. This is primarily due to lack of understanding of the scope of the technology, the market, administrative setup and coordination required for rooftop solar PV deployment.

Going forward, more and more government and private bodies aim to deploy rooftop solar PV programmes, but may have faced hindrances due to lack of experience and available resources. If you are reading this Best Practices Manual for implementation of rooftop solar PV programmes, we assume that you have already decided to take up a rooftop solar PV programme for your state or distribution area. The purpose of this Manual is not to convince you to undertake a solar rooftop programme, but to provide you the necessary resources to efficiently undertake the programme. While we have streamlined this Manual to provide you options to choose from, it also provides basic relevant knowledge to make your choice.

This manual will give your programme a jump start and orient it in the right direction. We have attempted to address all preliminary issues. This Manual is structured with the objective of taking the reader through all the critical elements required for deployment of a large-scale rooftop solar PV programme.

This Manual addresses concerns of stakeholders including Policy-makers and Regulators, Distribution Utilities and State Nodal Agencies, and last but not the least, Bankers. Correspondingly and logically, this Manual addresses the key topics encompassing business models, policies and regulations, technological standards, administrative procedures and financing. We hope this manual provides the apt and timely information to those seeking resources for undertaking their rooftop solar programmes. We also look forward to receiving comments and inputs from our readers, which will help this Manual evolve with newer developments and also in terms of relevance.

The Manual can be downloaded here:

Best Practices for Implementation of State-level Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Programmes in India 

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