Why protect the Environment?

One goes by the principle that – “I don’t want to protect the environment, I want to create an environment that doesn’t need protecting…”
If you agree, read along!

Life arose in water some 3.5 billion years ago, and ever since then the atmosphere of the Earth has been undergoing changes, initially through the metabolic processes of the life forms and later at the turn of the nineteenth century, the start of industrial revolution, which greatly mediated the present day environment. Perhaps we are at one of the most crucial juncture where we should assess what resources we have and how we are handling it to cater to the needs of ever increasing population. In that context, the perception and the management of natural resources by individuals and the nation as a whole is very crucial at the global level since India harbours nearly one-sixth of world’s population.

At Environment & Energy Efficiency Research Wing (E&EERW), we strive to contribute in the betterment of Environment through our various activities. E&EERW is one of the youngest Research Wing’s of GERMI. We have ventured in to Online Education, Consultancy, Audit and R&D activities related to environmental challenge
s under the able guidance of Prof. Dr. N. S. Varandani, former-HoD of Environmental Engineering at L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. He has been intricately involved with teaching and providing solutions to industries in the area of environmental challenges for nearly four decades now.

We offer online e-Course on Design of Wastewater Treatment Units which comprise of different modules encompassing the Chemical & Physical aspect and Biological aspect of design. The next round will be launched on October 13, 2015.

We offer consultancy in the areas of design verification of Environment Management Systems. Under the Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan, Prof. Varandani has designed the concept of Total Waste Management. In addition to that, we also design Wastewater/Air/Solid Waste Management Systems.

E&EERW Poster for Blog

GERMI is recognized as Schedule-I Environmental Auditor by GPCB. Our clients include chemical industries, oil & gas sector industries, pharma intermediate producing units, pigment producing units, and CETP & TSDF. We also offer Walk-through Energy Audit as per GEDA. In a nutshell, we render our knowledge in managing an industry economically in terms of environmental regulations and energy efficiency.

We have an Environmental Software lab which houses several software related to air, water, noise and highway pollution. We impart training in the area of Air Quality & Modelling. The first such training will commence from September 21, 2015.

In the area of R&D, our major focus is on the concept of Waste-to-Energy. Prof. Varandani has designed a biphasic anaerobic bioreactor for efficient biogas production. Several such systems are installed at different locations across Gujarat.


Ms. Aneri Mehta performing a Titration for a chemical oxygen demand test.


Ms. Aditi Shah measuring total dissolved solids (TDS) of a waste-water sample from an Effluent Treatment Plant.

IMG-20150911-WA0009 The waste-water sample here is being an anlysed for Total Solids.



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